Getting an Estimate

Do not hesitate to telephone us to arrange for our extremely experienced estimators to visit to assess exactly what it is you need moving, in terms of quantity, what packing you require and what you will need to be dismantled, re-assembled etc. When the estimator arrives at your home he will want to see everything that you need moving, he will look inside cupboards to see how much packing will be required, whether you want a complete packing service or just the breakables packed, or pack yourself.

Packing breakables is china, glass, ornaments, breakable kitchenware, pictures

All packing is above plus books, toys, clothing, unbreakable kitchenware, garden equipment and tools. We do not pack perishable food for health and safety reasons.


When we visit your home we can assess which of our vehicles can get within easy loading distance of your house. We will also try & gauge the same information about the destination address. i.e. narrow gates, narrow driveways, long stepped paths, spiral or difficult staircases, low tree boughs etc. Parking in residential streets is also an issue – we would need three car lengths to park a lorry – anywhere where there are residential parking restrictions especially in London we need to get a dispensation to park as we will liable for parking fines. This process can take up to ten days depending on the council. With apartments we need to arrange priority for the lifts and parking space near the main entrance.

The Removal Estimate

We aim to get our quotations out to you within 24 hours of the estimator calling – if you want us to e-mail it to you we can. All our prices are quoted inclusive of VAT and insurance for up to £50,000 per vehicle load. If you have any queries regarding the estimate we are more than happy to go over the details with you. The price quoted is for us to provide you with a fully accredited BAR removal crew & vehicle. Please read the extra information that comes with the estimate it contains the answers to a lot of potential questions you may have.

Booking Your Removal

Having received the estimate and found it acceptable please check our availability. Due to the continuing operational difficulties we are experiencing because of the ever decreasing period between exchange and completion you will need to get updates on our changing availability. We are happy to place your paperwork in front of the date in question and keep you updated if the date becomes unavailable. If the estimate is acceptable, you have exchanged contracts and confirmed the date, please telephone and make the booking and return the completed Removal Acceptance Form the receipt of this confirms your booking with us and forms the contract between us.

Immediately Before Your Removal

On receipt of your signed acceptance form we will send you a Removal Sheet which will give you confirmation of dates & timings, the service to be provided, items not to be moved, items to be dismantled, pianos etc. Please check this is correct, to make sure both parties are aware of everything that has to be done and on what day.

Packing: We normally undertake the packing of all the cartons on the day prior to the move and the removal staff that does this will undertake your removal – this allows for continuity of service. We charge a refundable box deposit on all our cartons and as they are now a valuable commodity we would like them all back as we try and re-use them to avoid unnecessary wastage, we also re-use the paper. The packers will tell you how they want to work and what they want to pack and in what order, the boxes will all be marked with the contents and their source location. When we arrive at the new house when then place the boxes back in their source location.

Own Packing: If you decide to undertake your own packing please do not underestimate how long it will take you to do this properly. When we arrive on removal morning we will be under a tight deadline to clear the house and we need to have everything in boxes ready to load the lorry. We can provide you with cartons under the deposit system and sell packing paper, tape and provide you with a good source for bubble wrap. Please remember not to overfill boxes with books, records magazines as they become impossible to lift. Please mark on the tape the contents of the box plus source location.

Unpacking: We do not unpack the cartons at your new home unless we have been contracted to do so as most people like time to take a deep breath before they embark on the unpacking. However if we do the unpacking it will be to table top height and we will remove all the packing debris on the day. When you are unpacking put all the waste paper in plastic sacks and flatten the boxes as this ensures nothing is left in the packing paper – we do find all sorts of small items still in paper after the move! Please make sure you keep the boxes in a dry place as they cannot be re-used once they have become damp.

Hanging Rails of Clothes: All hanging clothes will be transported on metal rails with covers on the van.

Disconnections: Prior to your move you will need to have your domestic appliances disconnected either by a registered plumber or electrician or by yourself and then re-connected at your new house. Any light fittings and chandeliers should be disconnected and made safe by a registered electrician. Flat Screen TV’s need to be disconnected & removed from wall brackets.

On Removal Day

Unless we have made prior arrangements we leave the yard at 8.00 a.m. and travel to your house. We normally expect to get access to your new property between one and two p.m. When the crew arrive establish who the foreman is and show him exactly what has to be moved and if anything is staying. Protective walk-ons will be laid in all hallways and main walkways. Doing removals is very hard work and the crew are always very grateful for a drink – tea, coffee and especially chocolate biscuits!

Children and Pets

It is a good idea to leave them with someone for the day, (but not essential). It can be a busy environment with furniture & men moving in all directions.

Before leaving

Check carefully that everything that should have been taken has gone, open cupboards and fitted wardrobes and check in attics and outbuildings. It is your responsibility to make sure that everything that should have been moved has been taken.

When you arrive at the new house

Please make sure that someone is available near the entrance to direct the distribution of furniture – a label on each room will help us distribute the boxes to the right place. When the crew has finished they will give you a removal sheet to sign – there is space for comments as we always like to hear how the removal went. If you would like to click on testimonials you will see some of our most recent comments.

Any Questions

We hope that we have answered all the queries that we are asked on a regular basis. In order to provide you with the best service we need to make sure that we have all the information possible to make your move as successful and stress free as possible. We hope that our extensive experience can make your move with us trouble free and enjoyable.